Fitness and Strength Training

Fitness and Strength Training

The Speed and Strength Training Pyramid: Steps to Developing a Faster Athleteby Jake Moore, DPT

When designing speed and strength training programs, the training pyramid outlines a hierarchy of abilities that should be developed for optimal results. This article introduces the concept of the training pyramid and the components of training at each level. If you are looking to help athletes run faster, you need to consider the training pyramid to achieve long-term results.

Types of Strength Training by Kaizer Coutore

The ability to develop large muscles and strength as fast as possible in one movement is very important in many sports in which all movement occurs relatively quickly (strongman, weight-lifting, ski jumping rate, turnover rate jump, long jump rate, sprint etc.). Let's look at some different types of training, to target what we really want to achieve.

Strength Training & Conditioning For the Rugby World Cup 2011 by Pulling a 12 Ton Truck Or Plane by Johann Tambayah

Most crowd-pleasing moments in the game of rugby are when a carrier or defender are pummeled to the grass in a tackle. The more 'road runner cartoon type' the tackle, the more reaction one gets from the crowd. Strongman competitors, Power Lifters and Olympic lifters all provide unique learning points for Rugby players.

Hypertrophy Strength Training For Beginners by Mark McKean

With increased overload, muscle protein is catabolized before protein from food is used in the re-growth of muscle tissue. In the rest period following work, this means there will be an increase in protein density, thus enlarging the muscle fiber.

Strength Training and Cardio For Getting Results by Brian D Erickson

In this article, I will present basic information on strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training that I have found to be foundational in my experiences with physique transformation contests as well as fitness training in general. If you are new to a fitness lifestyle that includes a focus on exercise and nutrition, keep in mind that most beginners, or people just returning from an extended layoff, can expect to make better progress than most "seasoned" exercises.

Strength Training Anatomy by Garynelle Capinig

The anatomy of strength training is based on the principle of studying how each group of body muscles moves, its functions and what is the cause for its expansion. Strength training of the core is the newest craze in the fitness and health business.

Functional Strength Training - An Excellent Exercise Workout You Can Apply To Daily Life by Jared Wilmers

If you want to get out of your house to exercise, Seattle has a large selection of gyms for you. No matter where you are located in the city, there are gyms Seattle offers, be it in Wallingford, Freemont or the University District, that can give you

the best personal training that fits your needs. If you are looking for a basic place to exercise that is outside your home, then a good Seattle gym for you will be one that offers functional strength training in a comfortable environment.

Why the emphasis on functional strength training when talking about the most advantageous exercise Seattle has to offer? Functional strength training prepares your body for movements and muscle use in your daily life.

Strength Training Routines To Build Muscle Mass Fast by William Coulter

Strength training routines are a great form of training to help build muscle mass. Many trainees use other forms of training such as volume training to try and build muscle.

Strength Training - It's More Than Pumping Iron by Jason Mittelman

Strength and conditioning are more than going to the health club and moving from machine to machine. Be more efficient and effective in designing your workouts.

Strength Training Considerations For Wrestling by Dave Coffin

The sport of wrestling blends some unique demands with regards to strength development.

The development of power, maximal strength, strength endurance, grip strength and of course injury prevention

measures for common injuries seen in the sport are essential for success. In this article, I will provide an

overview of each of these five components as well as a practical training application to develop each one.

Your Strength Training Program - Advanced Tips to Gain Strength Quickly byRusty Moore

Find out how to structure your strength training program to get strong quickly. Avoid common mistakes and your progress will come at a fast rate.

Why You Should Do Strength Training For Optimal Health by Lang Know

Strength training, also known as old-school barbell training, is a very effective way for you to get in to shape. This type of training is very widespread and there are thousands of people around the world doing it to improve their health and get stronger. What is Strength Training?

Strength Training - A Must for Women! by Anne Iarchy

The importance of strength training for women should not be underestimated. Strength training as a form of exercise gets little to no attention compared to cardiovascular training. Traditionally, women relied on cardiovascular activity and a low-calorie diet to change their physical appearance.

Unfortunately, low-calorie diets are perceived as torture, and not realistic for the long run, and at the same time, slow down the metabolism. Without including consistent strength training in our program, weight loss and physical change can be an impossible goal. Strength training has been overlooked as a viable weight loss method for way too long.

Speed Strength Training - To Be Fast, You Need To Be Strong First by Alex P Miller

You will need what is called Speed Strength Training to get to be as quick as lightning. To explain Speed Strength Training it is first necessary to explain the nature of strength. There are many people who are naturally strong but for most of us, strength is a learned skill in which we have to condition our central nervous system and motor units to become stronger by using resistance training.

Strength Training for Women by James Waltermaine

Strength training for women is a method of improving the condition and strength of the muscles by progressively increasing the capability of resisting force by using exercise machines, free weights, or women's own body weight. Strength training for women, similar to weight training for women, is part of the strength training program for women where sessions are designed to gradually increase the resistance in order to stimulate the development of muscular strength that is beneficial in making women healthy and energetic.

Why Women MUST Strength Train by James E Garland

There's a bit of a misconception in the training realm that women shouldn't lift heavy weights, or pursue the development of strength. It stems from the whole 'weights for men, cardio for women' logic, and is responsible for a lot of what is wrong in the way we train women at the moment.

Strength Training for Your Physical Goals

5 Awesome Strength Training Benefits by Aaron McCloud

If you aren't doing strength training right now, you might want to consider it. It has tons of benefits; check them out, and see if you want to give strength training a try.

Offseason Strength Training Tips for Maximum Performance by Aaron McCloud

Use these offseason strength training tips to boost your abilities when you get back on-season. They're simple and highly effective.

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