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A Healthy Body Image is Very Important

By []Cazza Burke

I've seen many an individual who, at first glance, is well proportioned and seemingly attractive - until they open their mouth with a sarcastic or demeaning remark. Their attitude is well reflected in facial expressions and body language. On the other hand, there are people who may not fit the description of a model or Greek statuary, but are nonetheless beautiful. Such people may have an over-inflated view of themselves and their visual attractiveness, but they cannot be said to have a healthy body image. This type uses their attractiveness as justification to treat others with disdain. Most people start finding fault with their bodies during adolescence. "Oh, if only I had longer legs, nicer hair, a smaller nose, better looking lips, etcetera." There's been an ad on TV recently, describing a program where young children are confidently saying "I promise to think of myself as a beautiful person!" Apparently, this program is responding to a growing trend of kids who are ultra sensitive to jeers and jokes from their peers regarding big knees, long arms, short legs or whatever the kids deem to be 'out of the norm'. The program is intended to help kids develop a healthy body image. When kids tease or taunt other kids, a sensitive or insecure kid may focus obsessively on their supposed physical faults. If they are teased for being 'fat', they may become anorexic, simply to avoid the taunts and 'fit in' to their friends mold of extreme and unhealthy skinniness. The fact is that people come in all shapes and sizes, each with their differences. Think how boring it would be if everyone you met had a body which was more or less identical to their own! Variety is the spice of life and one person is neither superior or inferior just because his feet are smaller than average, or her hair is curly rather than the currently popular string-straight hair. Having a healthy body image involves accepting your body as it is, not trying to make your body conform to today's idea of beauty. Some people will opt for plastic surgery to modify their body. What happens to that person's self image when, ten years later, the beauty police do a makeover of 'what's beautiful'? Who knows that breast implants, for example, go the way of alligator shoes and fur coats? Will you then have a healthy body image, 'knowing' that you are now out of step? One of the better approaches to a healthy body image is to make an objective analysis of your good and lesser attributes. If you're actually overweight or underweight, do something about it! Exercise and eat right and the picture will change soon enough. When you do it for yourself, rather than to meet someone else's expectations, you're well on the road to a healthy body image. Women love fashion, so take advantage of what fashion can do for you. Choose styles that flatter your body. If you think your thighs are too fat, work on the issue through exercise. In the meantime, shop for styles which deemphasize the big thighs and play up your best points. A baggy turtleneck sweater, with a hem that ends halfway to your knees, is a fashionable and comfortable solution. You'll feel confident that no one is looking at you, judging your thighs to be enormous. Besides, whether your thighs are too large is a subjective matter. The idea is to wear clothes which make you feel good about yourself. Hey, nobody's perfect and everybody knows it! In Hitchcock's classic movie, 'The Rear Window', one of the characters was a beautiful ballet dancer, who could hardly beat off handsome admirers. In the end, her soldier boyfriend, a short, geeky looking guy, comes home and is greeted with obvious joy and love by his ballerina. Beauty is much more than skin deep. In the end, a healthy body image makes you happy, beautiful and irresistible!

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