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Is Nutrition Really 70% of Your Fitness Success? by Paul T Mitchell

General sayings and quotes are pervasive within the fitness community. Some do a great job of giving the public some guidance, while some in my humble opinion lead to more confusion. I address one of these sayings in this article which has to do with nutrition being the key to fitness success for everyone.

10 Healthy Tips for Fitness Success by Geoffrey B Green

Many people are not consistent and fail in the first three months of an exercise program. But if it becomes a habit and they stick to it, something magical happens after four months. Here a 10 simple tips to help you with your fitness success...

Fitness Success Strategy? 30 Seconds + Consecutive Workout Days by Frankie O'Brien


s thirty seconds of daily exercise hanging on by a thread? Can it prevent quitting and lead to fitness success... Make workout frequency more than a simple determination of how much exercise your body requires. Focus on consecutive workout days to optimally reinforce your exercise habit- and get over the hump of resistance when you encounter it.

Part 1 - The Road to Fitness Success - The Fit Do Share a Secret! by Eddie Lomax

There is an obvious secret to fitness success. Those that know the fitness secret, and apply it, will succeed. Those that refuse to see the fitness secret, or use it even though it is right there before them, will ultimately fail to meet their fitness goals.

Top 10 Must Haves for Fitness Success by Kari Hoyda

The following tips I have compiled below are the essentials that I think every person needs in order to reach their fitness goals and stay motivated and dedicated to making the positive changes they need in their lives. After training and talking with many of my clients over the past few years, I've found that these 10 tips are the must haves in any person's fitness program!

Part 3 - The Road to Fitness Success - Choose Your Fitness Products Wisely!by Eddie Lomax

You don't need to try and figure out how to reach your fitness goals all on your own. Learn how to identify fitness programs already getting spectacular results and that are right for you, your goals, your needs, your limitations and your abilities.

Part 2 - The Road to Fitness Success - Become a Fitness Secret Conspirator! byEddie Lomax

Keeping your fitness, health and physique desires a secret will fuel the fire of your burning desire to become fit, healthy and attractive. If you want fitness success... don't tell anyone!

Steps to Fitness Success by John T Timmerman

All the workouts, exercises, equipment, supplements and information in the world cannot make an unmotivated individual fit. Being healthy and fit takes dedication and effort. All those quick fixes and magic supplements out their blatantly lie when they say that they can melt fat or slap on muscle.

Part 4 - The Road to Fitness Success - Guarantee Results Through Action! byEddie Lomax

Just knowing the secret of fitness success means nothing if you are not willing to act. Knowledge by itself is useless, unless you put it into action. Through action, you can turn your desire to be fit, healthy and attractive into a reality!

Effective Self-Talk: The Path To Fitness Success by Frankie O'Brien

The most important thing about self-talk is that you create it. Self-talk, your silent inner voice, leads you to your physical choices. If your self-talk isn't helping you, then change it. The power is with you.

Setting Goals for Health and Fitness Success by James Beltrame

Health and fitness go hand in hand. In order for you to maintain your health, you must be physically fit. However, that is much harder than it sounds. This is especially true if you have not been taking care of your physical fitness up until now. The more weight you have to lose and the more fitness you need to attain, the longer and harder you will have to work. One of the reasons that many people find themselves giving up on their physical fitness is that they think they can do it all at once. They expect to see automatic results from their efforts, and when they do not, they give up. You do not have to be one of these people.

Weight Loss and Fitness Success: Why Less Is More by Gloria Reibin

The gatherer's walked, bent down, stooped and picked things up from the ground. They stretched to pull down fruit from trees and bushes. They may even had to climb a tree in order to reach the higher places.

Why Do You Exercise - The Real Motivation to Fitness Success by Ben Yeoh

We all exercise for different reasons. We all sure want to look good and stay healthy, but for our own reasons as well. For instance, when we overeat it's usually an addiction or habit. And you want to break it by switching the trigger before the cravings hits you. You'll need to look at why you overeat and the steps necessary for change. Here's a simple yet practical solution...

Fitness Success: Motivations to Keep You Going by Deejay Kim

What keeps you motivated to be physically fit? Is it your family? A job?

3 Proven Steps to Achieve the Fitness Success You Deserve by John Altman

There are lots of good reasons why someone would want to gain an exceptional level of health and fitness. Maybe you have considered setting out to simply get into better shape, but did you know you can actually get into the best shape of your life? Remember what it felt like to do the fun activities with family and friends you once enjoyed without the worry that you might not be able to keep up?

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