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As gannets, dolphins and even sharks get in on the feeding frenzy, the stage is set for the largest predator of all to get a look in. Subscribe to BBC Earth: Earth YouTube Channel: BBC Earth Facebook (ex-UK only) BBC Earth Twitter Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.
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Net Fishing - Cast Nets Fishing Big Catch Fish Fresh Water 2017
Fishing Monster Fish Using Cast Net Fishing on The Fresh Water Amazing Fishing Net Fishing 2017 Please Like and subscribe my channel : My Google + :
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A team of fishers and college students pull thousands of pounds of Asian carp out of a branch of the Illinois River, using a new fishing method

ショアジギング 隠岐
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ソルト&ストリーム ショアジギング ヒットシーン
河崎博幸です! 私が出演したソルスト付録DVD「ショアジギング」でのヒットシーンです。 <使用タックル> ロッド  Shore11(サクラ高級釣竿製造所) リール セルテート3500HD(DAIWA)+オーシャンマーク4000スプール ライン  PE 2.25号 リーダー 35LB ジグ   ジャックアイDスライド60g(FINA) 場所  宮崎県 水島 アングラー  河崎 博幸
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Originating from medieval Japan, shore jigging quickly spread all over the world to find a great number of loyal practitioners, especially in many of the countries along the Mediterranean coast.

The Technique

In essence, shore jigging implies the casting of heavy lures, or jigs, in various deep underwater locations near the shoreline. Some of the best spots for this type of fishing include the rocky cliffs, quays, port docks, piers, jetties etc. The core of this exciting technique lies in the erratic rod/jig action, which is accompanied by plenty of free spooling.